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CSCS Apprentice card

For people on a recognised apprenticeship

This card is available to people on a recognised apprenticeship. It is valid for four years and six months and cannot be renewed. Cardholders are expected to complete their apprenticeship by the time the card expires and apply for a skilled CSCS card.

To apply for this card you will be required to submit evidence that you are registered for an apprenticeship and that you have passed a CITB Health, Safety and Environment test, or completed a CSCS-recognised health and safety course.

Applicants should complete the Enrolment Evidence Form as this includes all the evidence required to apply for the Apprentice card and may help avoid delays where information is missing from applications.

However, CSCS will also accept one of the following as proof of registration:

    • A letter or email from the Managing Agency of your apprenticeship, confirming which qualifications (with full titles and pathways) you are registered with them for.

    • A letter from your apprenticeship training provider confirming which qualifications (with full titles and pathways) you are registered with them for.

    • Your Apprenticeship Agreement, provided it shows the occupation and qualification (including pathways) you are registered for.

    • A letter from your training provider delivering a programme from the CSCS Approved Apprenticeship Standards (England Only) list.


CSCS will accept one of the following health and safety tests/courses:

  • A CITB Health, Safety and Environment test pass from within the last two years.

  • A completion certificate for a one-day Construction Health and Safety Awareness course.

  • A Certificate of Unit Credit showing completion of the Construction Health and Safety unit included in your induction or initial qualification.


Download the CSCS Approved Apprenticeship Standards list, which includes the recognised CSCS occupation titles, for further information when applying for an Apprentice card.

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